The Institute's demand-driven research activities focus on and contribute to the knowledge base concerning water & development.

Research themes

Safe drinking water & Sanitation

Increasing access to safe, sufficient and affordable water for people to meet basic needs for drinking, sanitation and hygiene, to safeguard health and well-being, and to fulfill basic human rights.

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Water-related Hazards & Climate Change

Water-related hazards like floods, droughts, pollution and related issues, are increasing in frequency and intensity around the globe due to population growth and effects of climate change.

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Water & Ecosystems Quality

Aquatic ecosystems as service providers for environmental and human well- being, development, and water integrity.

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Water Management & Governance

Research is centred on the conviction that the social, biophysical and technological processes of water systems are intrinsically linked.

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Water, Food & Energy Security

Better management of water for food and energy security in a sustainable and equitable way.

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Information & Knowledge Systems

Managing the information cycle of data acquisition, modelling, forecasting, optimisation and knowledge management supporting decisions related to water.

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Academic departments

  • Environmental Engineering & Water Technology

    The EEWT Department contributes to the provision of safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and resource recovery, focusing on developing countries and countries in transition.

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  • Integrated Water Systems & Governance

    The IWSG Department contributes to understanding integrated water systems and how they contribute to social and environmental justice, in particular in, but not limited to, the Global South.

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  • Water Science & Engineering

    The WSE Department deals with the fundamentals of understanding and modelling the primary processes related to water and the environment.

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