Capacity Development

Why Capacity Development?

UNESCO-IHE strives to strengthen the programmes of universities and research institutes as well as the knowledge and capacity base of ministries and other water sector organizations in Africa, South-America and Asia/Pacific. We do this by training water professionals on-the-job, creating water education networks, joint research, policy advice, distance & e-learning, participation in innovative projects and facilitating knowledge sharing.

Download our latest research paper: Wehn et al. (2015) Strengthening Water Governance in the Global South: Role and International Experiences of UNESCO-IHE in Capacity Development, Water Governance, 5, 26-34. 

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Southern Africa

Levelling the playing field for IWRM

Written by Alan Hodgson and 1 other, on 3 January 2017

WaterNet is a Southern African network of university departments, research and training institutes designed to build capacity in Integrated Water...

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Delta planning: 60 Years of shared water solutions

Written by Alan Hodgson and 1 other, on 3 January 2017

Bangladesh and the Netherlands have a long history of cooperation over water issues. Both countries face similar challenges with low lying deltas...

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Bogot√°, Colombia

Playing our part in the Magdalena river basin in Colombia

Written by Joanne Craven, on 21 December 2015

What if a certain part of the basin was used to generate more energy? How would that affect the quality and quantity of the water aquatic...

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