Online Course on Public and Private Partnerships

The goal of this course is to introduce modern thinking and practice of dealing with institutional and management issues related to involving private parties in the water sector in a more sustainable manner.

For whom?

Professional staff from the public sector, working in governmental departments dealing with PPP; professional staff working for supporting agencies, such as NGO’s, research centres, consultancy; professional staff in water and sanitation utilities that are exploring the possibilities of, are in the process of, or have already established a PPP transaction, and young promising bachelors, the future generation of professionals. 

Course structure

This online course is to be completed in 16 weeks. Total study load is 128 hours. The online learning environment is used for downloading training material and communication.

Course content

The course is divided into the following subjects and assignments:

  • Introduction to the PPP module
  • PPP, principles and possibilities
  • Establishing and implementing PPPs
  • PPP Discussion on a controversial topic
  • Case studies
  • Role play

To make learning effective, it is important to intensify the use of assignments and interaction between participants. In this respect every two weeks a homework assignment is distributed on which feedback is given. Next, to maximize the learning in the online learning module it is envisaged that the best result is to have you analyze a PPP case of your choice, individually or as a group.

Every month you will make progress with the case, diving into literature and, if possible, contacting stakeholders involved in the case. Every time when part of the case is ready, feedback is provided by the course co-ordinator and a peer reviewer. Hence every participant acts also as peer reviewer for someone else’s case study.