Short Courses

UNESCO-IHE conducts a wide range of short, intensive and highly specialised courses which are aimed at upgrading and refreshing the knowledge and skills of mid-career professional and senior experts.

Short courses are meant for professionals – or groups of professionals – with a specific area of interest and a limited amount of time. The focus and content of short courses vary from specialised and technical matters to challenges and approaches in management. Didactical methods used in these short courses include lectures, individual or group exercises in the classroom, behind the computer, or in the laboratory.

Fieldwork, excursions and field visits to relevant sites often are a part of a short course, allowing the participants to come into contact with practical examples of the theory offered. Through case studies, role-plays and workshops, content is made more interactive, and experience that the participants already have is shared.

NFP or MSP Fellowships

Most of our short courses are eligible for NFP or MSP fellowship,s and candidates from NFP and MSP countries are always encouraged to apply for one.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The NFP and MSP Deadline of 7 October 2014 has been advanced to 25 August 2014. Please submit your application for the course of interest before 25 August 2014.

 In case you would like to be nominated for a scholarship (NFP or MSP), be aware that you can apply for maximum one short course per deadline.The NFP/MSP deadlines are mentioned under Dates, Fee, ECTS. If we receive multiple applications for within the same deadline we will decide for which short course you will be nominated.

Admission Criteria

You should at least have a Bachelor Degree in a relevant field of study, some years of working experience and a good command of the English language.


It is possible to take part in the examination of all short courses with ECTS credit points. If you obtain a passing mark for this examination and return to UNESCO-IHE within four years after completion of the short course to follow a full MSc programme, you will receive exemption for this short course/module. The exam fee is €250 and should be borne by yourself. Taking part in the examination is not compulsory.


Discounts on the tuition fee of online and short courses apply to the following:

  • 30% for UNESCO-IHE alumni
  • 30% for UNESCO-IHE G-PoWER partners
  • 10% for UN family staff members
  • 10% for groups of 5 or more (provided that the course starts at the same time and a group application has been sent)

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